Electro-deionisation [EDI] Systems

Electro-deionisation [EDI] Systems
Electro-deionisation [EDI] Systems

Product Info

EDI is a continuous electro-chemical process of water purification where ion specific membranes, mixed bed resin, and a DC voltage across them, replace the standard acid- caustic chemical regeneration process.

EDI Applications

  • Power / Utilities
  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor / Electronics
  • Surface Finishing (Automotive, etc.)
  • Consumer Goods & Cosmetics
  • General Industry

EDI Advantages

  • An EDI unit after an RO unit, effectively replaces chemically regenerated deionizer without the chemicals, regeneration steps and associated labor.
  • Membranes and electricity replace chemicals and frequent regeneration
  • EDI units are mechanically simple when compared to typical regenerable ion exchange systems.
  • EDI units are in Continuous operation 24/7 with no halts for deionizer regeneration.
  • EDI eliminates all hazardous acid and caustic wastewater neutralization required by chemical deionizer regeneration which result in large excesses of salts to drain.
  • As a result of pending workplace and security legislation involving employer liability, more demanding rigorous safety, security and handling protocols will be required that will make chemical-based deionizers more expensive to operate. EDI eliminates this problem.

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