DM Water & Filtration Plants

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Product Info

SARVO offers DM Water & Filtration Plants in various combinations using Weak Acid Cation Exchanger (WAC), Strong Acid Cation Exchanger (SAC), Weak Base Anion Exchanger (WBA), Strong Anion Exchanger (SBA) Unit either with De-gasification Unit (DG) for CO2 Removal.
The Systems have Following Configuration based on the water report or parameters:

WAC – SAC – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2
WAC – SAC – DG – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2


Mixed Bed DM Plants (MB) units are offered as a Polisher Unit to get conductivity less than 0.5 micro Siemens/cm or 0.05 micro Siemens/cm conductivity with 2 MB units in Series
Systems are either offered in FRP or in Mild Steel Rubber Lined as per client’s requirement.
Systems are available with flow Rate up to 50 M3/hr in FRP and up to 200 M3/hr or more with Twin Trains.

Our mixed-bed de-mineraliser are used where water of extremely high purity is needed. They have cation and anion exchanger resins mixed in a single column. This achieves higher purity standards, more neutral pH and greater silica and CO2 removal control than can be done with a Two-bed system.

Advantages Of De-mineralisation System

  • Gives you chemically pure water-instantly and continuously,year after year.
  • Has durable resins with the highest de-mineralising capacity.
  • Uses resins of the highest quality.
  • Comes with the conventional conductivity meter.
  • Is extremely easy to operate and need practicaly no attention after it is installed.
  • Can be connected directly to any water supply main.
  • Is delivered promply
  • Is available in a wide range of flow-rates.
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