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Demineralisation Plants, DM Plants in India - Water Treatment Plants

Product Info

SARVO offers DM Plants in various combinations using Weak Acid Cation Exchanger (WAC), Strong Acid Cation Exchanger (SAC), Weak Base Anion Exchanger (WBA), Strong Anion Exchanger (SBA) Unit either with De-gasification Unit (DG) for CO2 Removal.
The Systems have Following Configuration based on the water report or parameters:

WAC – SAC – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2
WAC – SAC – DG – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2

Mixed Bed DM Plants (MB) units are offered as a Polisher Unit to get conductivity less than 0.5 micro Siemens/cm or 0.05 micro Siemens/cm conductivity with 2 MB units in Series
Systems are either offered in FRP or in Mild Steel Rubber Lined as per client’s requirement.
Systems are available with flow Rate up to 50 M3/hr in FRP and up to 200 M3/hr or more with Twin Trains.

Our mixed-bed de-mineraliser are used where water of extremely high purity is needed. They have cation and anion exchanger resins mixed in a single column. This achieves higher purity standards, more neutral pH and greater silica and CO2 removal control than can be done with a Two-bed system.

Advantages Of De-mineralisation System

  • Gives you chemically pure water-instantly and continuously,year after year.
  • Has durable resins with the highest de-mineralising capacity.
  • Uses resins of the highest quality.
  • Comes with the conventional conductivity meter.
  • Is extremely easy to operate and need practicaly no attention after it is installed.
  • Can be connected directly to any water supply main.
  • Is delivered promply
  • Is available in a wide range of flow-rates.
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