Green Sewage Treatment Plant S-CWT System

Green Sewage Treatment Plant S-CWT System | Sarvo Water
Green Sewage Treatment Plant S-CWT System, Sarvo Water

The S-CWT system has been innovated to give the following benefits:

SIMPLE TO OPERATE: The S-CWT system is very simple to operate (mainly housekeeping & gardening activities).

MEETING POLLUTION BOARD NORMS: The Pollution problem is solved, thereby contributing to a cleaner and better environment. The treated water satisfies the Pollution Control Board norms.

HUGE SAVING ON ELECTRICITY: There is a huge saving on electricity while operating the CWT system. The CWT system saves about 80% – 90% of electricity over the conventional treatment methods. The cost of sewage treatment with our S-CWT System in only about Rs. 3 – 5/- per 1000 liters. Hence, there is a substantial cost saving.

MEETING GREEN BUILDING CRITERIA: The S-CWT system is been set up for wastewater treatment in upcomming ‘Green Building’ projects.

STURDY SYSTEM: S-CWT system functions consitently even during fluctuating flows.

HUGE SAVINGS ON WATER PROCUREMENT COST: The Treated water can be reused for gardening and also for toilet flushing. Thus, there is huge saving on procurement of costly drinking water. While reusing for gardening, there is ground water recharge tool.

NEGLIGIBLE MAINTENANCE: Except for pumps, there are no other mechanical or moving parts. Only house-keeping and gardening activities have to be done as per O & M manual.

AESTHETIC FEATURE: The system has a garden look and appears as a part of landscaping in the campus.


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