Ultrafiltration(UF) Water Purifier Technology

Operational Parameters For RO System

UF or Ultrafiltration technology is used in the water purification system to prevent physical and physical microbial impurities in the water. UF is a type of membrane filtration in which the fluid is compelled to pass through the semipermeable membrane. This membrane is a thin layer material that is capable of removing the chemical and biological impurities present in the water.

This water purification system removes high molecular solubility (impurities) such as proteins, other natural contaminants, bacteria and other microorganisms. UF water purifier technology does not add any chemicals to the water, and it also does not add any odor and color to the water. That is why it is used to purify water in the area where there are impurities of large molecules in water.

RO Water Purifier vs UF water purifier:

Most people are confused between RO, i.e. reverse osmosis and UF, i.e. ultrafiltration technology because both water purifiers use semi-permeable membranes to separate water dirt. Then this article will remove all your doubts. Below we have listed the comparison of RO and UF water purifier:

Comparison table for RO Water Purifier and UF Water Purifier

Serial No.

Reverse Osmosis(RO) water purifier

Ultrafiltration(UF) water purifier


Removes all types of impurities present in water such as physical, chemical and biological.

Removes suspended particles and microbes only in water, but does not remove decomposed molecules.


Most water is mainly based on RO technology.

Available in combination with RO or UF. The water purifier manufacturer has not designed any water purifier which is mainly based on UF technology.


Water wastage is more than UF water purifier.

Unlike RO water purifier, water wastage is very low.


Need electricity to work.

Do not need electricity to work.

Ultrafiltration can be utilized to dispose of colloidal particles (0.01 – 1.0 microns) alongside a portion of the bigger contaminants frequently found in water supplies. The pore size of the layer choose for use in Ultrafiltration fundamentally directs the kind of particles or molecules which will be caught and removed from the water as it goes through the procedure. The membrane sizes used in Ultrafiltration forms extend somewhere in the range of 0.01 and 0.1 micron. Membranes made for use in Ultrafiltration are characterized by their molecular weight cut-off (MWC). This is an estimation identifying with the extent of contaminants which the membrane can evacuate. For instance, a membrane named having a MWC of 100,000 daltons will almost certainly trap or expel from the water streaming over it a compound which has molecular load of 100,000 daltons as it goes through the purification procedure.

The advantage of Ultrafiltration(UF) Water Purifier:

Ultrafiltration Water purifier is a long-lasting machine and does not require high maintenance.
The ultrafiltration water purifier can deal with muddy or disturbed water and can physically remove it and deliver pure water.
Ultrafiltration water purifier never disappoints you and gives you the most possible pure water.
Another advantage of Ultrafiltration water purifier is that it can operate with very little or without electricity.


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