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Dosing pumps for water and wastewater treatment
Peristaltic pumps are proven performers in water and waste treatment solving problems including:

  • Dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents including ferric chloride (“Ferric”), sodium hypochlorite (“Hypo”), chlorine water, lime (Kalic ® or Kalkmilch), caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers
  • Sludge transfer
  • Filter press feedsTypically both hose and tube pumps are used as chemical dosing pumps accurately and repeatedly delivering a wide range of chemicals whilst addressing the problems of the liquid
  • Lime is abrasive causing diaphragm pumps to clog due to lime’s viscosity and progressive cavity pumps to suffer from abrasive wear
  • Hypo offgases when pumped causing dosing pumps to vapour lock resulting untreated liquid streams
  • Polymers are often shear sensitive and progressing cavity pumps reduce the particle size leading to increase chemical usage
  • Sludge’s often have a high grit content creating abrasive wear problem for many pumps with rotary pumps suffering from ragging problems on primary sludge.
  • Additionally, Verderflex Smart tube pumps can be interfaced with SCADA systems giving easy remote controlled dosing capabilities


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