Water Treatment: Innovations for Recycling and Management

In the realm of environmental challenges, Water Treatment emerges as a beacon of innovation, addressing critical issues in water treatment, reuse, and wastewater management. As a key player in the INDO AUTOTECH family since 1991, Water Treatment boasts a turnover exceeding INR 1500 Crores, reflecting its dedication to environmental preservation.

Water Treatment Solutions

DM Water & Filtration Plants

Water Treatment’s DM Water & Filtration Plants lead in advanced water treatment, specializing in producing demineralized water. These plants use cutting-edge techniques to remove minerals, ensuring high purity for applications like electronics manufacturing and power generation.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

Leveraging membrane technology, Water Treatment’s RO Plants purify water effectively, addressing diverse quality challenges from desalination to treating brackish water. A scalable approach to corporate and residential requirements.

Electro-deionization (EDI) Systems:

Water Treatment employs sophisticated EDI Systems, using electrochemical processes for ion removal. These continuous, chemical-free systems produce high-purity water for applications like pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing

Electrocoagulation Systems

Innovative and environmentally conscious, Water Treatment’s Electrocoagulation Systems treat water using electrochemical coagulation, addressing complex wastewater streams and meeting stringent environmental standards.

Water Softeners

Water Treatment’s Water Softeners combat hard water issues through ion exchange, enhancing equipment efficiency and lifespan in industries, households, and agriculture.

Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Effluent Treatment Plants

Designed to manage industrial wastewater, Water Treatment’s Effluent Treatment Plants employ various processes to meet environmental standards, mitigating the impact of industrial activities.


Sewage Treatment Plants

Focused on municipal sewage treatment, these plants employ biological processes to ensure safe disposal and prevent environmental contamination.

Green Sewage Treatment Plant S-CWT System

The eco-friendly S-CWT System minimizes energy consumption and environmental impact in sewage treatment, utilizing natural processes and renewable energy sources.

DAF & Washing Compactor

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Washing Compactor systems are vital in effectively removing contaminants from wastewater, ensuring efficient solid-liquid separation.

Water Recycle Solutions

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants

Dedicated to water recycling, Water Treatment’s RO Plants use advanced reverse osmosis processes to reclaim water, minimizing the demand for freshwater sources.

Ultra Filtration Systems

Utilizing membranes, UF Systems play a key role in water recycling by removing microscopic impurities, making treated water suitable for diverse applications.

Ultra Violet System

Contribution to water recycling efforts, UV Systems disinfect water with ultraviolet light, providing a chemical-free method for safe and quality recycled water.

Liquid Discharge Systems

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD):

Water Treatment’s ZLD Systems eliminate liquid discharge, recovering and reusing all water from industrial processes, addressing water scarcity and environmental regulations.


Critical in liquid discharge systems, Evaporators concentrate wastewater for efficient disposal, reducing the volume of liquid waste.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

In liquid discharge systems, the RO Plant purifies concentrated brine or liquid residues, meeting regulatory requirements and minimizing environmental impact.

Water Treatment Components

UF Membranes

Critical in water treatment systems, UF Membranes provide efficient filtration, ensuring clean and purified water.

High-Pressure Pumps

Vital for optimal water treatment, High-Pressure Pumps maintain necessary pressure levels in systems like reverse osmosis.

Dosing Pump

Essential for precise chemical dosing, Dosing Pumps contribute to maintaining a desired chemical balance for efficient water purification.

Testing Instruments

Advanced Testing Instruments monitor various parameters, ensuring water treatment systems meet quality standards.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Specialized Water Treatment Chemicals enhance the effectiveness of water treatment processes, playing diverse roles in ensuring water purity and safety.







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